16 Best Internet Speed Test Tools for Your Phone and Desktop

Here are some of the best internet speed connection testing tools and apps around.

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) love to make grand claims about the speed of their internet services to entice you to sign up. But what you receive often falls far short of what was once advertised — what you need is an internet speed test to find out by how much.

Oftentimes, it’s very difficult to get your hands on ‘real’ hard data to justify your impression of a less-than-speedy internet connection. But, thankfully, some helpful websites and apps provide a means for you to find out just how sluggish your connection speed actually is.


What are some great ways to test internet speed?

And so, without further ado, here are some great tools to help you test internet speed at home and at work. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order. 

1. SpeedSmart Speed Test is great for checking internet speed

Source: SpeedSmart

SpeedSmart is a handy option for testing your internet speed. 

Once you connect to the site, it will approximate your location through your IP instantly. You can then have it analyze your internet latency, download, and upload speeds, as you’d expect.

2. Speed Check & WiFi Finder is also useful for checking your internet speed

Source: SpeedSpot

Speed Check is a great option for your mobile phone whilst out and about. Brought to you from SpeedSpot, this clever application will give you all the basic information you really need.

It’ll show you your upload and download speeds, of course, but also let you save it for later reference.

3. Another useful internet speed test tool is Internet Health Test

Source: Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is a great tool for finding out your internet speed, and it's very simple to use. Once on the site, a pop-up will ask you if you’d like to begin.

Once authorized, Internet Health Test will start its five-step process and inspect your internet connection. It does take a little longer than others, but it makes five different tests and it's ad-free.

4. Xfinity Speed Test will help you check for slow internet connection

Source: Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity Speed Test is a great little tool to help you check your internet speed. This is another browser-based one but it’ll let you quickly find out your download and upload speeds.

But a word of warning: It is a service backed by the internet service provider Comcast.

5. is another great tool for testing internet connection


Owned by none other than Netflix, does exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn’t mess around either, loads quickly, and begins analyzing your internet speed before you know it.

6. Verizon Speed Test will help you check your internet speed too

Source: Verizon Speed Test

Verizon Speed Test is another very simple, yet effective internet speed test site. You won’t be bothered by ads and you’ll just need to hit the play button to get the info you need. 

There's one little catch though, for the moment, Verizon Speed Test only works in the U.S.

7. Test your internet speed with Network Analyzer App

Source: Network Analyzer App

Here’s a great little app for checking your internet speed on your smart device. Network Analyzer App will let you test your Apple device's internet connection.

It will also scan VPNs, Wake-on-LAN for corporate use, and a lot more, although it is not free.

8. Ookla Speedtest is another useful internet speed test app

Source: Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest is one of the more popular internet speed tests on the net. This app is available as both an app for your smart device and your desktop.

Just click the “Go!” button and you’re off.

9. DSLReports will check your internet speed with ease

Source: DSLReports

DSLReports Speed Test provides a more in-depth speed test than others on this list. Of course, you’ll get the usual upload and download speeds, but it will ask you other information, like your connection type, to give you solid and actionable information when it's complete.

10. Cox Internet Speed Test is another great app for checking internet speed

Source: Cox Internet Speed Test

Cox Internet Speed Test is not just for Cox users, as you might expect. This speed checker comes with the usual stuff like upload and download speeds but it can be slower than others on this list.

The speed test page is also a little content-rich, which some might find off-putting.

11. SpeedOf.Me is aptly named

Source: SpeedOf.Me

SpeedOf.Me is another web-based internet speed checker. After it's done, it comes up with a glut of useful information on your internet connection.

12. AT&T High-Speed Internet Speed Test is pretty good too

Source: AT&T

AT&T offers their very own Internet speed test. But you should note that this one relies on DSLReports for a lot of its services.

13. Bandwidth Place lets you easily check for slow internet connections

Source: Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place is a well-designed and easy-to-use Internet speed test website. It offers a fairly uncluttered page that has been around for around 15 years now.

14. will route out poor internet speeds

Source: is a simple, yet effective, internet speed test site. You can independently test upload and download speeds and benchmark them to your city’s average.

Getting started is very self-explanatory and it provides a progress bar for the test, which is always appreciated.

15. Which?'s internet speed connection tool is great too

Source: Which?

Which? is a UK-based consumer reports site that also offers a free Internet speed test that, like others on the list, provides independent scrutiny of your internet speed.

It's very easy to use and gives you plenty of useful information to make sense of it.

16. Meteor is another handy internet speed test tool

Source: Meteor

And last but by no means least, Meteor is a very popular internet speed test app for Android. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The app will let you check the quality and speed of uploads and downloads but will also check if video streaming speeds are acceptable or not.

And that is your lot for today. Each one of these internet speed tools has its pros and cons, but any of them will help you get an idea of how fast your internet speed really is.